Refuse Sacks

Refuse Sack 4
Colored Refuse Sack roll
Refuse Sack 5

We can supply high quality Waste & Recycling Sacks made from 100% recycled polymer or you can choose from our compostable Green range.

We stock a wide range of options to suit all needs, such as; Black Refuse Sacks, Coloured Refuse Sacks, Clear Refuse Sacks, Large Industrial Refuse Sacks, Clinical & Hazardous Waste Sacks, Wheelie Bin Liners, Pedal Bin Liners, Swing Bin Liners, Compostable Refuse Sacks & More!

Our Refuse Sacks & Liners are available in Light-Duty, Medium-Duty & Heavy-Duty materials across all sizes. These are the safe and hygienic way to dispose of waste from a domestic level up to industrial. Supplied in heavy duty boxes, packed loose or on rolls.

Also known as: Refuse Sacks, Waste Bags, Compactor Sacks, Bin Bags, Bin Liners, Trash Bag