Demystifing The Terminology: S - T


Self SealA bag with a flap and a strip of adhesive to seal the bag. The adhesive can be a perminant seal or a re-sealable option.
SheetingLay flat tubing that has been cut on either side (for centre fold sheeting) or both sides.
Shrink FilmFilm that shrinks on application of heat. Useful for securely wrapping goods and to prevent tampering of products.
Side WeldA bag where the side of the bag is created using a heat treatment. It is weaker than an end weld bag but cheaper to produce and has no skirt.
SleeveA sleeve is a bag that is open both ends rather than sealed at one.
SlipIs an additive added by the convertor to allow polythene to be converted easily (less friction with rollers) and for bags to easily open.


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