Demystifing The Terminology: K - L


Sorry! We have not got any terms under the letter K, yet.


LaminatedWhen two separate films are physically joined together by means of an adhesive to combine the best physical properties, i.e. strength and appearance of both of the films.
Layflat TubingThe wound material after extrusion which is then converted to polythene bags.
LDPELow Density is a type of polythene, it has a very glossy look to it and feels smooth to the touch
LLDPEA polymer similar to low density polymer LDPE but due to the use of shorter branches in its construction it gives a better strength to weight ratio.
Light ProofThe same as opaque - no light should pass through.
Low SlipUsed to describe polymer that has had a slip additive added - used in the production of large bags which may have to be stacked and must not slide.