Because Everyone Wants To Be Different

We have all worked hard at building up our business or reputation, so we know the value of advertising your company or getting your name out there in the big wide world.

So why not think about having your product custom printed with your own logo or details.
We have all seen the bespoke printed carrier bags walking up and down the high street, why stop at a carrier bag?
Bakers can have custom printed bread bags.
DIY Stores can have bespoke made products.
Even print a polythene sheet for wrapping up your stock prior to dispatch

We are confident we can supply the product that you require and then have it printed.
Of course these are classified as a custom run and would be subject to a minimum run and manufacturing lead times, but we can keep you notified of these criteria as the job develops.
We can source products from all over the World and can find the right product for your application.

Printing Techniques

Most printed stock is printed using a printing plate techique, which would require a printing plate to be created on the first run.
Simple 'spot' colour specifications are printed using a flexographic rubber plate for each colour. For more complex print jobs a metal gravure plate is used.
On certain jobs such as small runs of rope handled paper carrier bags we are able to offer a digital print that requires no setup or printing plates.

Artwork Formats

When submitting your artwork please follow some of these simple steps:


Ideally we prefer the vector based formats, especially pdf files. These files need to have all fonts converted to outlines so that we can see your image as you intended.

We can also use eps files or files from the more popular graphics software packages such as: Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Freehand or Pagemaker

If you have not got access to a file like this then we can work from a standard jpeg image, all we ask is that you make sure they are good quality, high resolution images. We can then re-draw your image in the correct format.

When it comes to colours we work from the standard Pantone Color Formula range. If in doubt we can colour match your artwork and provide you with a proof.
Of course printed stock is not the same as your computer screen so please make sure that you are working in a CMYK colour space when creating artwork and if possible match colours to the Pantone system. A colour with a 'C' suffix denotes ink to be used on polythene and 'U' is the paper version.

Of course we understand that some people just do not have access to all these facilities and so we will work with you to create the finished design.
We will work closely with designers and illustrators on your concept ideas to complete the vision you have for your product.